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So, you have found us! Great. But what are we? We are people that fly paragliders, are totally obssessed with the sport and think if you gave it a try you would be just as addicted as we are.
Since the problem the people have most often when they start flying is the price of equipment we came up with a solution: We find the greatest deals in paragliders and pass those savings on to you so you can share with us the pleasure we experince with free-flying.
We didn't stop there though. Since we are pilots we are always in the process of buying a new wings, but what do we do with our old ones? Well, usually they sit somewhere and collect dust. We decided that instead we should sell them. This is the reason why we have so many different kinds of wings.

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This makes the site a necessary visiting place for people that want to get in the sport as well as people that have been flying for years as well as professionals that compete.

This site is under heavy construction. Check back often to see our improvements and new deals!

If you have never flown before we strongly sugest that you learn in a good school first. Soon we will provide you with a list of recommended schools. Paragliding is a safe sport but it can only be as safe as its pilot.

In the meantime play this interesting game of tic tac toe of paragliders against hang gliders. Your computer will play the hang glider for you.

With sincere gratefulnesses for the help and aid, that you have proposed to me. I want to say how I am grateful deeply.


Last Updated on 11/17/99
By Spyder Mann

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